Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to understand how to bring digital human-centricity beyond your business area.

During the presentation, the main concepts of the innovation methodology and its tools will be presented, allowing participants to get our perspective of the model's capability of transforming their business through offering truly human-centric digital solutions for end-users.

Our expert specialist speaker will share her experience and real cases on how this methodology can transform your business in a way you never imagined.

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About Virtual DTX


Free Live Webinar | February 17th 

11:30 am (EST)

Digital Thinking

Creating and applying innovation processes can definitely be a big game-changer when it comes to the revenue increase. But beyond the financial benefit, it will allow you to explore new market segments and add more value to your current and future customer chain. 

Digitizing processes is what will secure the future of your organization by serving as a foundation for different initiatives that can bring your company to the next level and survive through the years to come. 

When it comes to product validation, established brands may use a different approach. Most retail companies usually run costly campaigns and market research to come up with products that are still to be validated. This practice can unnecessarily waste millions of dollars on products that may not be the best fit for the user.




Prototyping & Concept validation

Who is the webinar for?

Our Design Thinking for Digital Experiences is for business individuals seeking to understand the fundamentals of the methodology and its tools to create dynamic human-centric digital experiences for those critical, yet constantly more demanding end-users.

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Service Design Director 


Bruna Lopes


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Global Head of UX and Product Design  


Andy Ford


About the event

Top Meet is an event that was born to provide large company leaders with a space for reflection, with the goal to generate insights about the latest trends in different markets and what is up to date in the innovation and technology segment.

This meeting will promote a chat about hypothesis validation processes and their value proposition before investing in an MVP in business innovation for large companies.


Mauricio Manhaes  

Head of Innovation

 MJV Technology & Innovation

How do you test business models in companies that already have a consolidated path?

This is one of the topics that we will discuss at the event, but we can give you some spoilers.


Value proposition

It clearly states to potential customers why they should choose your product or service.

Unique Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition

Don't get confused!

One approach is focused on the business and the other on the consumer. 

Do you know how to differentiate?


As much as you can... 

Even if you skip straight to the MVP stage make sure to do all the possible tests.

11am - 12pm ET

May 26th - Thursday

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MJV is structured around 5 pillars that work in complete synergy while always keeping human centrality in the foreground

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Maurício Vianna

 MJV Global CEO 

Computer Engineer at PUC-RJ (1990), MSc. in Computer Science at IIT – Illinois Institute of Technology (1992), and Ph.D. in Computer Science at IIT (1995). 

Ysmar Vianna

MJV Chairman

Electrical Engineer degree (ITA, Aeronautical Institute of Technology, 1966), Master in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UCB, University of California at Berkeley, 1969), Ph.D. in Computer Science (UCB, University of California at Berkeley, 1972).